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Caprion Proteomics identifies promising new candidate biomarkers to predict response to hepatitis C treatment

Caprion Proteomics announced today that it has identified promising candidate protein biomarker panels that appear to predict patient responsiveness to treatment for hepatitis C.

The study employed Caprion's proprietary CellCarta® mass spectrometry-based proteomics discovery platform to measure and compare the expression levels of thousands of proteins contained in blood samples collected from patients infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV), in order to discover predictive biomarkers of sustained response to hepatitis C therapy.

Analysis of data from the study identified a panel of candidate protein biomarkers that correlate with sustained viral response (SVR) or viral cure to treatment with a novel drug candidate for hepatitis C, telaprevir, in combination with pegylated-interferon and ribavirin. Additional candidate biomarkers were identified that may predict SVR in patients treated with current standard of care hepatitis C treatment, which is a combination of pegylated-interferon and ribavirin alone. In both cases, the biomarkers were identified in plasma samples collected from hepatitis C patients prior to treatment. Telaprevir is being developed by Vertex Pharmaceuticals, and the identification of a panel of candidate biomarkers is a result of an ongoing collaboration between Vertex and Caprion.

The study also revealed biological insights into differences in response to hepatitis C treatment for specific segments of the population, opening the door to the potential for patient stratification and individualized treatment of the disease. A number of protein biomarkers identified in the panel are known to be correlated to the underlying severity of liver damage, and the data suggests that increased liver damage is associated with a poor therapeutic outcome. Further validation of the proteins using Caprion's MRM (Multiple Reaction Monitoring Mass Spectrometry) assay platform is required in order to understand the application of these biomarkers, and research is currently underway in larger patient populations.

"We are highly encouraged by the results of the study, which provide further validation of Caprion's robust and industrialized proteomics approach to biomarker discovery and validation," said Martin LeBlanc, President and CEO of Caprion. "We are privileged to have the opportunity to work with innovative partners such as Vertex on projects aimed at advancing the field of biomarker research and treatment of disease".

About Caprion Proteomics

Caprion Proteomics is the leading provider of proteomics based services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Caprion's proprietary proteomics technology, CellCarta®, is a gel-free, label-free mass spectrometry platform that enables a comprehensive, quantitative and robust measurement of the protein expression differences across large sets of biological samples. Caprion has been providing proteomics biomarker and target identification services since 2002, and has performed multiple large-scale biomarker discovery and validation projects for over 20 major pharmaceutical industry clients in virtually all of the major disease areas. Caprion has been awarded two consecutive 5-year US$13 million contracts for Biodefense proteomics research in the area of infectious diseases with the NIH-NIAID. In 2008, Caprion entered into a worldwide strategic marketing and distribution alliance for biomarker services with Covance, Inc. (NYSE:CVD), which also involved the purchase by Covance of a minority equity stake in the company. Caprion Proteomics, a privately-held company, is majority owned by Great Point Partners, LP. For more information, please visit:

About the Collaboration

Caprion and Vertex entered into collaboration in March 2006, to evaluate relevant protein targets and biomarkers in diseases of interest to Vertex using Caprion's CellCarta® platform.  Through the collaboration, Vertex and Caprion are tracking protein markers that may predict, very early on in therapy, which patients will successfully respond to treatment.  The collaboration was expanded in 2007 to provide a more comprehensive evaluation of these targets and biomarkers.


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