Accelerating precision medicine™

Unbiased Biomarker Discovery

Caprion has over a decade of experience designing and implementing biomarker discovery studies. The combination of our extensive expertise in sample preparation, mass spectrometry, bioinformatics, biostatistics and biological interpretation enables discovery of novel, biologically and clinically relevant proteins.


Caprion’s unbiased biomarker approaches facilitate discovery and verification of biomarkers to support:

  • Elucidation of underlying biology and mechanism of action
  • Disease diagnosis and monitoring of disease progression
  • Patient stratification
  • Monitoring of drug efficacy
  • Development of surrogate endpoints

Benefits of Caprion’s Unbiased Discovery Approach

Caprion combines its unbiased biomarker discovery platform with customized biostatistics and sample preparation, to discover biologically and clinically relevant proteins.

  • Detection and differential expression of 1000s of proteins in 100s of samples
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of sample matrices, including tissue, serum, cell lysates, CSF, exosomes, etc.
  • Ability to enrich for specific protein subsets, such as secreted proteins, phosphopeptides, and membrane proteins
  • Extensive data interpretation, including pathway analysis and biological relevance