Accelerating precision medicine™

Targeted MRM-Based Biomarker Panels

Caprion has extensive expertise in development of targeted biomarker assays using Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) mass spectrometry. MRM, which was selected by Nature Methods as Method of the Year for 2012, facilitates rapid development of highly specific, antibody-free assays for quantitation of up to 100s of target proteins. Caprion uses stable isotope labeled peptides for each target peptide to facilitate robust quantitation and enhance reproducibility. Proteins for MRM assays can be selected from multiple sources, including proteomics, transcriptomics, literature, or pathway analyses.

Caprion offers both custom and off-the-shelf MRM assays to facilitate rapid screening and verification of candidate biomarkers. Once the most robust biomarkers have been selected, MRM assays can be further developed as fit-for-purpose assays to meet regulatory requirements.


Caprion’s MRM-based approach facilitates rapid development of highly specific, multiplexed assays for biomarker discovery and development

  • Custom assays for rapid assessment of 100s of candidate biomarkers from literature, proteomics, transcriptomics, and other discovery platforms
  • Off-the-shelf panels for CNS, preclinical safety, diabetes and tuberculosis
  • Verification and refinement of multiplexed biomarker panels for diagnostics, patient stratification, efficacy etc.
  • Elucidation of underlying biology and mechanism of action

Benefits of Caprion’s Targeted Discovery Approach

Caprion offers both custom and off-the-shelf multiplexed assays for biomarker screening and verification. Our MRM mass spectrometry based platform features several advantages, including:

  • Rapid assay development, without the need for antibodies
  • Excellent sensitivity, specificity, and robustness
  • Highly-multiplexed assay for rapid, parallel assessment of 100s of proteins from a single sample
  • Easily converted to fit-for-purpose assays for non-clinical and clinical use