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Caprion's Mission is centered on collaborating and partnering with pharmaceutical and biotech companies through proteomics and immune monitoring enabling the acceleration of precision medicine in drug development.

With a vision and deep understanding of the needs for complex immune monitoring in novel drug development, Caprion integrated ImmuneCarta (formerly known as National Immune Monitoring), with its established and proven proteomics service, ProteoCarta. Together, Caprion now offers a fully integrated and unique service offering to its partners.

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Where We Are and Who We Serve

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Caprion has been providing proteomics and immune monitoring services since 2002, with a proven track record of over fifty large-scale biomarker discovery and validation projects for over twenty major pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry clients from North America, Europe, and Asia in virtually every major disease indication.

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Caprion's Services Summary for the Drug Development Process

The unique Integration of Caprion proprietary proteomics (ProteoCarta) and immune monitoring (ImmuneCarta) services, provides our clients with a proven, unique and comprehensive approach for preclinical and clinical phases of drug development.

Caprion Service Summary

Biomarker Discovery MRM Assays Bioanalytical Services for PK Studies Protein Characterization Immune Oncology Cancer Vaccine Immunotherapy

Our technology platforms are applicable to all therapeutic areas, including Cancer, Autoimmune, Cardiovascular and Metabolic, Neurology and Infectious disease. Our processes utilize all sample types (plasma, serum, CSF, cells, tissue, formalin fixed paraffin embedded, sputum).

Caprion's capabilities allow us to perform both complete studies and biologics-focused services for our clients.

Additionally, Caprion’s expertise allows us to provide our clients with both “off-the-shelf” and custom-made assays.

Experience and Proven Track Record Make the Difference

Through many years of practical experience, Caprion’s highly trained, multi-disciplinary team has developed a highly integrated, industrialized approach to proteomics and immune monitoring that reduces variability and provides meaningful results.

Standardized procedures from sample collection to mass spectrometry and data analysis provide our clients with reproducible data that are routinely validated across large sets of clinical samples with rapid development and deployment MRM (Multiple Reaction Monitoring) assays.

Analysis of phenotypic and functional profiles of innate and adaptive immune responses in a GCP/GLP/GCLP compliant environment, allows our clients to apply Caprion's multiparametric immune monitoring expertise across many therapeutic areas, including cancer immunotherapy, vaccine development and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Results from the many studies conducted over the past years has provided validation of Caprion's robust and industrialized proteomics and immune monitoring approach to pre-clinical and clinical phases of drug development.

In addition to our broad range of pharmaceutical and biotech sponsored programs, Caprion also has been awarded two consecutive 5-year US$13 million contracts for Biodefense proteomics research in the area of infectious diseases with the NIH-NIAID, and is the selected partner of The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) Biomarkers Consortium.

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